Discover our gorgeous venue, The Domain! – Lost Picnic

Discover our gorgeous venue, The Domain!

Discover The Domain, The Home Of Lost Picnic


With artists released, and details of the food that’ll have your palate singing, we thought it’s time you got to better know another of the stars of Lost Picnic.

A day feasting on the grass wouldn’t be the same without a vibrant location to enjoy it all on, and there’s no better place in our fair city to host the return of Lost Picnic in 2017 than a brand new venue for us: The Domain.

A location that needs no introduction to most Sydneysiders, The Domain is 84 acres of picturesque parkland nestled next to our city’s CBD, within reach of all who call Sydney home. Chances are, you’ve been to an event here before, but nothing we promise, like Lost Picnic.

A tranquil oasis almost as old as the first European settling of Australia, The Domain’s roots extend around 230 years, all the way back to June of 1788, meaning there’s almost no venue in the entire land with a longer history of hosting revelers on green fields, under warm blue skies.

And getting here…? That’s the best part.

Regardless of whether it’s just your own single soul, or a massive picnic party you’re putting together, The Domain’s central location makes arriving for the day of Lost Picnic as easy as 1, 2, 3.

So gather your family or crew, imagine that perfect green space you’ll choose as your own when you arrive for Lost Picnic, and start dreaming of one fine day this October 13th when we’ll come together for stunning music, tantalising food, and incredible company in only a few short months.

Remember, limited tickets are on sale now. Grab yours before they’re gone forever…


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